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Meal Plan: My Daily Menu to Support Fat-Burning

“Burn fat and build muscle.” It really isn’t fair that this concept has been marketed to seem SO simple. But if you think about what is required to do each, the challenge of doing both together becomes painfully obvious.

In order to lose bodyweight (burning fat) you need a calorie deficit, and in order to gain weight (building muscle) you need a calorie surplus. This is another oversimplification, but at least it begins to expose the challenge. At a certain point, it is incredibly intricate, and you need to rely on your own self-awareness to succeed.

Which is part of the reason why I feel so powerful having figured out how to do it.
As I’ve watched my body change while the scale has remained relatively stable, brought my 5k pace under 8 minutes per mile, and started lifting weights 4-5x heavier than when I began, I feel pride and excitement in my ability to “burn fat and build muscle.”

I’ve spent about three months fueling my body daily with 1800-2200 calories of healthy nutrition for 4-6 weight-training and cardio sessions per week. I’ve gotten faster, stronger, smaller, leaner, and overall much fitter.

Which makes continued progress even more challenging. But I’m up for it. If you’ve seen me or talked to me in the past week, then I’m positive you’ve heard me reference my “Meal Plan.” Coupled with a fitness plan that is focused on circuit-style weight training and intense cardio, I am confident that I can continue to make the changes I want to see in my body.

Fat Burning Meal Plan. Finding Your Fit Place.

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You can check out the one-page summary of my meal plan (above), or read the text version here:


Meal One:
8 asparagus spears
6 Tbsp. egg whites
2 slices ezekial bread
8:30 am

Meal Two:
Small banana
Whey protein shake
12:00 noon

Meal Three:
½ large sweet potato
3 oz. chicken
1 cup broccoli
3:00 pm

Meal Four (pre-workout):
2 slices cinnamon raisin ezekial bread
1 Tbsp. peanut butter
6:00 pm

Meal Five (post-workout):
Whey protein shake
8:30 pm

Meal Six:
3 oz. ground chicken
2 Tbsp. diced red and green bell peppers
2/3 cup brown rice
9:30 pm

**It is important to keep in mind that the caloric content of this plan has been determined based on my weight, activity level, and goals. At this stage, it becomes more important than before to pay attention to the number of calories you are taking in.**

I’ve stuck to this plan for an entire week, and I feel and look fantastic. I am already seeing results. And I’m really looking forward to sharing then with progress pics, and also share more about the challenges and logistics of sticking to a meal plan like this, and how it has played out in my life.


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