Workout: Bodyweight Bench Circuit

I did this workout on Saturday morning. It was a bit drizzly outside, but it was warm, and I wanted to beat the heavy rains in the forecast.

To recreate it, you’ll need to pick a spot within comfortable running distance that has a sturdy bench or picnic table. You’ll run there, do the following circuit (2-5, below), three times, then run home:

1. Run to the location. Try to push yourself. Remember, you can walk back if you have to. Better yet, don’t even think about the return trip for now.

2. Tricep Dips (x20)


3. Incline push-ups (x20)

Bodyweight workout. Incline push-ups.

4. Step-ups (x10 right; x10 left)

Bodyweight workout. Step ups.

5. Plank Side Walk (x5). Begin in plank position on the left side of the bench (a). Step right leg out to the side (b). Cross left hand over right (c). In one motion, bring left leg to meet right, and walk right hand to your right side (d) to return to start position. Repeat until you reach the other side of the bench. Reverse motion to return to the original side. This is one rep.

Plank side walk.

Repeat circuit two more times (three times total).

6. Jog home!

You can easily adjust the intensity of this workout. Beginners can try a shorter jog or walk. You can also reduce the number of reps per exercises, or reduce the number of times you go through the circuit. Make it more challenging by increasing any of those variables.

2 thoughts on “Workout: Bodyweight Bench Circuit

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