Back Deck Workout

While on vacation, I had the luxury of a back deck that overlooked the ocean. As if I didn’t appreciate it enough, I found a way to take advantage of this great space and use it to create a workout. I repeated steps 1-5 three times, as quickly as possible while maintaining good form, and if I needed a break (like…REALLY needed a break), then I took one!

My amazing view

My amazing view

1. Sprints. I began on the back deck, then sprinted out the front door, then down the stairs and back up (I was on the 4th floor).

2. Push-ups. (x12)


3. Bicycle Crunches. (x20)

Begin on back with legs at 90 degree angle and hands behind head. Contract abs and use them to lift head and shoulders off of the floor. This is start position. Reach right elbow to left knee, drawing left knee in slightly and straightening right leg (shown in image below). Return to start position, and repeat on opposite side (left elbow to right knee, left leg straightened). One rep includes both sides.

bicycle crunch, Fitness Found. Source: Fitness Magazine Online

Image Source:

4. Shoulder Taps. (x10)

Begin in plank position with legs spread to shoulder width or slightly wider. Bring right hand to left shoulder (shown in image below) without any rotation in the body. Bring hand back to starting position, and repeat on opposite side, bringing left hand to right shoulder then placing back in starting position. The key is to NOT rotate the body. To make easier, move legs wider apart; to make more difficult bring legs closer together. One rep includes two taps: one right and one left.

Shoulder Taps, Fitness Found, Image Credit

Photo Credit:

5. Plank Circuit. 30 seconds front, 30 seconds left, 30 seconds right


3 thoughts on “Back Deck Workout

    • No excuses. That’s right. There are so many workout options, and so much variety in equipment. But even without it you can get in a GREAT workout. It’s fun to be creative and enjoy the resources you DO have instead of making excuses based on what you DON’T have.

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