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Beach Vacation Workout

After a 3-mile run along the beach, I spontaneously created this workout. It’s a circuit-style workout that doesn’t require any equipment, and takes advantage of the sand.

In bare feet, I did the following set of exercises, then repeated the set 2 more times. My girlfriends met me toward the end and helped me get these demo photos. Hopefully this inspires you to create your own beach workout. There are lots of modifications that can be made to accommodate all levels of fitness.

1. Sprints (x3)

Sprint to the water and back (about 100 yards each way, with a big hill of sand in the middle). Kept my heart rate up nice and high throughout each set.

2. Lunges (x10 per leg)


3. Push-ups (x12)


4. Squats (x10)


5. Planks (x30 seconds on each side – front, left, right)


3 thoughts on “Beach Vacation Workout

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