Fit Rules I Learned and Live by

In developing my Fit Life, I’ve collected some guiding principles that have transformed my brain and body. I find myself interpreting them in a variety of ways, but they always seem to apply. They can mean different things at different times, and are always open to interpretation. Here goes! I look forward to exploring them in more depth.

  1. Don’t half-ass anything. Give fully and deliberately to work and rest.
  2. Examine every choice in the context of your goals.
  3. Spend the energy before your body saves it.
  4. Make each calorie worth it.
  5. Hunger is ok.
  6. Push harder.
  7. Think bigger.
  8. Collect knowledge, try new things, then do what works for you.
  9. Be honest with yourself.
  10. Desire change because you love yourself, not because you don’t.

3 thoughts on “Fit Rules I Learned and Live by

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